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Profitable Blogging Ideas
Back in the early days of the internet, starting a blog was undeniably easy. But some people don’t have good Blogging ideas to speedup the process of blogging. .

You could simply regurgitate whatever floats through your brilliant mind onto the digital canvas, publish it, and boom – you’d garner traffic, visitors, and attention from all around the web!

However, as the search landscape and the web as a whole, evolved and grew, starting a blog in 2020 gradually became a rather tricky endeavour.

In today’s day and age, individuals and brands alike have to fight tooth and nail for their digital content to receive any attention from a given audience. And simply throwing down whatever you’ve got often doesn’t make the cut.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Creating valuable content with a purpose!

While this may sound a little loose-leaf, it could be as simple as writing content to answer the questions your would-be audience has. And if you’ve got a bit of marketing know-how, you should do a hearty bit of keyword research to make sure each post is meaningful in the fact that it drives traffic.

And to save you lots of headaches and time spent on trial and error experiments, here are our 13 best blogging ideas to help you kick off a successful new blog in 2020!

What Sort Of Profitable Blogging Ideas For Bloggers?
blogging ideas
Before most people decide to set sail on their journey as an aspiring blogger, they generally ponder over what sort of content is going to be their revenue-keystone.

And while most people equate traffic-generating content to an increase in revenue, that’s not entirely the case.

You see, while visitors are definitely essential if you want your blog to grow to any sort of respectable size, they’re not going to drive your revenue.

This is where readers come in!

Readers are the dedicated loyalists of your blog, and they’re also going to be the demographic that you’ll want to turn into subscribers, which later down the line translates to buyers, who will fuel the lifeline of your blog, and ultimately your financial success.

But, doesn’t all keyword-driven content generate readers? Not exactly.

To turn a visitor into a loyal reader, and better yet a subscriber, you’ll need to create content that connects with your audience on a deeper level.

The recommended ratio of traffic-generating blog posts to blog posts that connect should follow the al-too-well-known 80/20 rule. 80% of your content should be crafted around keywords that bring visitors to your site, and the other 20% should connect with the same visitors, turning them into readers and pushing them further down the relationship funnel we just described above.

And while it’s an easy task to map out a few good keywords and write a few thousand words around them, let’s talk about the 20% and lay out some of the best ideas that you can use to create purposeful content that connects and kick-start your amazing blog-to-be!

Blogging Ideas That Connects People in 2020
1. Write How-To Guides & Tutorials
blogging ideas 2020
It’s no secret that when we face some sort of challenge in our daily lives, the majority of us modern homo sapiens turn to the web in order to find answers.

As such, there’s no surprise in the fact that tutorials like a how-to blog post or an ultimate guide are one of the best-performing types of digital content out there.

These sorts of articles could be:

Basic guides intended at explaining a given blog topic to a complete beginner.
A comprehensive all you need to know the ultimate guide.
Step-by-step tutorials that guide readers through how they can accomplish a given task.
You probably get the idea by now…

In essence, this type of content is aimed at helping readers solve a problem they’re facing, achieve a particular goal, or helping them master whatever they want to learn about.

2. Share Personal Stories And Experiences
share personal stories blog
When we think of content that resonates with someone on a deeper level, it’s hard to beat personal stories.

This is because they serve as stark evidence that whatever challenges your readers may be facing, they can be overcome.

In addition to this, this type of content reminds the audience that you’re a living, breathing human being. One that was once in their shoes.

And the final cherry on top is the fact that you’re able to show your audience exactly how you overcame the struggles you share with them or achieved whatever you’re writing about.

The key here is being able to accentuate the feelings that your audience is experiencing at the moment and being able to really personalize that content.

In turn, your readers will feel understood and will be able to connect with your content thanks to its relatability. And that’s exactly what you need to build a strong, lasting relationship with them.

This is one of the best blogging ideas for people who are emotional and can carry a lot of emotions in writing stories. There are only a few blogs that provides valuable content and if you are good at writing you can make a fortune with your blog.

3. Cover Hot News And Trending Subjects
news blogging ideas
Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good bit of banter over the hottest happenings these days?

Here’s the fun part – countless new headlines are popping up daily on practically any blog topic imaginable. This gives you near-unlimited content ideas and blogging opportunities to weigh in on the discourse in a meaningful way to connect with your readers.

And while most news blogs simply reword the facts, your blogging efforts would do well with a strong, impactful opinion on the matter. This is because these same strong opinions are what’s going to build that deep personal connection that we talked about earlier on.

Here are some examples of popular blogging ideas where you’ll see this sort of content:

Politics – election news, scandals, announcements.
Beauty & Health – latest developments in cosmetics, skincare trends, fad diets.
Business – legal topics, acquisitions, and mergers, recent trends, new strategies.
All in all, if you’re already heavily invested on a personal level in the blogging ideas you cover, this approach to blogging is going to make for one of the easiest types of content that you can leverage to connect with your audience off the bat.

4. Create Listicles, Round-Ups and Best Of’s
listicles blogging ideas
Human beings hate complex, unstructured content. This is because when our brains are looking for some sort of information, we want to be able to fish it out of the sea of text quickly and efficiently.

And it’s this exact phenomenon that is the reason why list-style content does so amazingly well for most bloggers.

First of all, lists are simple, structured, and neat. They’re easy to read, present all necessary information in an easy to digest manner, and give your readers the freedom of being able to get to the information they’re looking for quickly.

Did you know that lists have one of the highest click-through rates among all organic content on the web? So, they’re also fantastic as a traffic-magnet!

To create a list post, you’ll need to break the blog topic down into concrete steps or chunks that contain a summary of each smaller idea that you’re trying to express.

Here are some great Blogging Ideas that you could turn into lists:

The 10 biggest mistakes that newlyweds make.
Our 7 favourite tools for woodworking in 2020.
10 great blog ideas to start a blog in 2020.
You probably get the gist of it!

And if you feel like you’re lacking the creative prowess to come up with original blog ideas in order to create a list post, you may want to look into round-up content. This type of post idea is structured similarly but allows you to create a list by repurposing other people’s blog posts given that you link back to them as a source.

For example, you could be blogging about “My 10 Favorite Winter Recipes For Cold Nights.”

5. Create Eloquent Product Reviews
product review blog
With the internet being the back-bone of our daily lives, it’s no surprise that many people rely on it for basic daily decision making.

This presents you with an incredible opportunity to drive new visitors to your site, and connect with them as a subject-expert right off the bat too.

And overtop of this, you can make a solid couple of bucks from Affiliate commissions while blogging on any products that people buy when they click through from your site.

To create a great product review, you’ll want to write about the end benefit that would make the particular product stand out among the competition. Simply rewording the product description is nowhere near enough to build a personal connection.

It’s also a good idea to create a summarized list of pros and cons to give your readers the option to fast forward to the most important details.

At the end of the day, we strongly recommend that you write about products you actually have personal experience with. It allows you to make the content that much more relatable. And in turn, it will be that much more effective in helping you scale up your great blog.

6. Let Your Audience Drive The Content Machine
forum blog
When it comes to writing blog posts that really connect with your audience, it can be hard to pinpoint what your audience actually cares about and wants to see more of.

But what if there was a way you could create the exact type of blog post that your readers would be guaranteed to love?

There is a great way – just ask them!

As you create new blog posts and your audience becomes more and more interactive, you should pay close attention to what they’re saying.

Are there questions that get asked repeatedly? Are there personal stories they’re sharing with you?

This type of blog post idea is fantastic because it comes right from the people we’re trying to reach as bloggers. And rather than scouring the web for the best blog ideas, you can turn to an unlimited pool of topics right there, in the heart of your blog to enable your blogging efforts.

A great way to start with this idea is to create around:

Writing an FAQ summary on a broader topic that you cover.
Answering popular questions newspaper-column-style.
Sharing personal stories from your readers, given that they’re okay with the publicity.
And if your audience isn’t all that active yet, don’t be shy. Just reach out to them and ask them what they’d like to hear about. It’s a great way to fill up your blogging calendar, and connect with your readers in one fell swoop.

7. Discuss Myths And Controversies
mystery blogging ideas
Following up on hot news and trends, another incredibly well-performing type of content is the controversial segment.

After all, who doesn’t love learning about a ridiculous myth or getting the dirty details on the latest controversy in the niches they care about.

And much like hot news, this sort of post idea is incredibly easy to put together. The web is chock-full of controversial bits, from the latest celebrity scandals to industry myths debunked. If you know how to do a quick Google search, your content calendar should be filled to the brim.

However, the key to this sort of post idea doing well doesn’t lie in only providing the raw unadulterated facts. Your best bet is to add a personal flair, or a strong opinion on the matter as well. This helps make your already great content more personal, which, as you know by now, helps your audience feel that deep connection.

8. Get Free Content By Interviewing Other Bloggers & Niche Influencers
blogger ideas
While most bloggers focus the majority of their attention on researching and outlining their own original blog content, there’s a way to automate your editorial schedule and generate lots of unique and interesting content for your audience without a single guest post.

The best way to do this is to interview famous bloggers and influencers in your niche.

From the hottest happenings to their personal opinions mixed in with your own – there’s no end to how you can leverage any sort of interaction with them in order to write a post for your own blog.

And if you’re wondering how you can get connected with these influencers, social media is probably your best bet. Thanks to the fact that we live in an increasingly digitalized world, almost every self-respecting blogger or influencer has a variety of social media channels that they use for one thing – to stay connected with their audience.

Here’s the best part – doing this also gives you a little bit of much-needed exposure. At the very least, it puts you and your blog in front of the celebrities you’re interviewing, and if you’re lucky enough, their audience too.

9. Create In-Depth Educational Content
educational blogging ideas
While we’ve already covered why creating a series of How-To posts could benefit your blog and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level – you can actually reap further benefits and even monetize your blog posts quickly by taking the concept one extra step further.

It’s no secret that humans are absolutely drawn to learning. After all, our brains are giant biological computers that are constantly crunching new information.

So while it’s a great idea to create a series of How-To blogs answering some of your readers’ burning questions, why not create an entire educational course on it?

For example, you could teach someone how to build a treehouse in several comprehensive posts, or how to grow their blog and gain an online following in a step-by-step manner.

If your readers are already engaging with your content as an authoritative source of information, you can easily help them even more by providing them with all the information they’ll need on a particular subject, rather than leaving them to scour the web on their own and gradually piece things together.

And if you’re already an authority in their eyes – you may as well monetize the courses you create to create a healthy stream of revenue that can fuel your blogging ideas and give you more incentive to create amazing content.

10. Blog About Health Issues & Ailments
health blogging idea 2020
In today’s world, the global pandemic has significantly changed the course of everyone’s daily lives over just a matter of months. And as such, people’s awareness of their health and any potential illnesses is hyper-sensitive at the moment.

Thankfully, this creates an excellent opportunity for bloggers to get their content and blog out in front of new audiences!

Blogging about niche-relevant health issues, and even tying your existing niche content together with the ongoing health crisis is a fantastic idea. Not only do you get to expand your reach, but you get to spread a positive message as well.

Now, you may be wondering “Won’t it be hard to tie health into my existing blog?”

It’s actually very easy to do! For example, if you run a blog about gaming, you could easily write about the various health risks, professional gamers suffering from different health conditions, ongoing studies, and new innovative products that seek to remedy any health problems for gamers.

If you don’t know where to get started with this idea – the web is chock full of interesting insights and information from medical professionals and research teams, all you have to do is look around.

11. Don’t Shy Away From Visual Content
visual content blog
While most bloggers focus the majority of their attention on text content that can rank well in search engines, making use of visual content in your blogging efforts is not something you want to pass up.

First and foremost, humans are incredibly visual beings. Our brains are wholeheartedly devoted to processing information. And the simpler that information is presented to us, the better.

This is why videos are the most-consumed content on the web, why most new social media platforms (TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat) are almost strictly visual, and also why practically any reputable social media platform gives so much canvas-priority to visual content.

So, while an all-visual post may not garner much organic traffic, it’s definitely going to be a hit with your audience. This is especially true if social media plays a big role in your marketing efforts.

In addition to this, it’s also in your best interest to makes sure that even your text content has interactive visuals sprinkled in. Whether it’s quick explainer videos on a part of the topic or even images to guide the reader’s attention – visuals rule, and your audience loves them.

12. Drive Traffic With Contests And Giveaways
giveaway blog
Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

This is among my favourite Blogging Ideas to start a blog in 2020. Whether it’s a free trinket, a personal mention, or just about anything, us humans have certainly learned to pay attention to anything that has the word free associated with it.

Unbeknownst to most beginner bloggers, contests are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, especially if you hold them regularly.

However, in addition to this, they also give you a great opportunity to show your audience that you appreciate them by creating a way that they can interact with you directly and get something free out of it at the same time.

Now, most people are probably going to start scratching their heads trying to come up with what they can afford to give away before they write a post to announce their contest. But, it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Especially if you get creative about it!

Here are some blog post ideas you could leverage:

Art submissions from your audience.
Asking your audience to share the highlight of their year to date.
A short write up on your readers’ favorite travel destinations.
As you can see, the blog post ideas you could spin off are practically unlimited with this approach.

But, keep in mind that at the end of the day, you should be giving your readers something of value in return for their participation. And while it may be something that you provide on your own, there are also ample opportunities to partner up with a relevant sponsor, where you can write a post promoting their own contest and create a mutually-beneficial situation.

13. Don’t Be Afraid To Guest Post
When it comes to growing your blog, networking is ultimately going to be one of the best tricks up your sleeve.

Whether you’re the one guest posting on someone else’s site or allowing someone to post on yours – these blog posts allow you to get some amazing exposure in front of a whole new audience.

Here are a few of the benefits that come with guest posting:

Powerful natural backlinks that allow you to really ramp up your SEO efforts.
Increased awareness and exposure for your blog.
Opportunities to promote your monetization streams to a warm audience of readers, rather than visitors.
So, how do you actually create a stunning blog post as a guest author?

Writing is the easy part here. What you should worry about is creating the opportunities to either guest post on someone else’s site or have someone lay out some blog content for yours.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by simply reaching out to other blog owners in your space and establishing a relationship. We’ve found that all good relationships start with value. So, don’t be shy about offering for them to leave a guest post on your site, in exchange for a link back and potentially being able to write one for theirs in the future.

Closing Thoughts
Undeniably, in 2020, blogging just isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you want to succeed then you’ll have to come up with profitable blogging ideas with professional keyword research otherwise it will be difficult to achieve good results. .

In today’s digital ecosystem, you have to create purposeful content that not only stands out enough to bring someone over to your blog, but it also has to connect with your readers to help you build a lasting audience, which will be the backbone of your new blog.

If you’ve kept up with us this far into our guide, you’ve now got 10 stellar Profitable blogging ideas to help you successfully kick-off your blog in 2020. We’ve given you the low down on why each of the blogging ideas is so powerful, shared our tips and secrets of the trade, and we’ve even provided you with a few ways to get started with each blog idea as well.

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With that, it’s our turn to hear from you. What are your blogging aspirations for the year ahead? Let us know in the comments below!


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